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WINNER – Best Actress (Na Moon-Hee), 2018 (54th) BaekSang Arts Awards
WINNER – Best Director (Kim Hyun-Seok), Best Actress (Na Moon-Hee) 2017 (38th) Blue Dragon Film Awards
WINNER – Best Actress (Na Moon-Hee), 2017 Director’s Cut Awards
WINNER – Best Actress (Na Moon-Hee), 2017 (1st) The Seoul Awards
NOMINEE – Best Performance By An Actress (Na Moon-Hee), Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2017

Civil Servant Park Min-Jae (Lee Je-Hoon) gets transferred to a new district in Seoul. He is a young man of principle and diligent at his job.

At his new ward office, Park Min-Jae gets inundated with civil complaints by grumpy, elderly resident Na Ok-Boom (Na Moon-Hee). He tries to appease her as best as he can.

Meanwhile, Na Ok-Boom practices English when she’s not working at her tailor shop or filing complaints at the local ward office. When she realizes Park Min-Jae can speak English almost fluently, she asks him to teach her to speak English.

She has her reasons why she wants to speaks English.

Though the film is a comedy, the genre serves as a vehicle to discuss the deeper topic of Korean comfort women during World War II.

Theatrical Poster

Directed by Kim Hyun-seok

Cast: Na Moon-hee, Lee Je-hoon


Duration: 119 mins

Classification: M

Country of Origin: Korea  |  Year: 2018