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The sublime Sheila Hancock plays a late age woman who breaks out of her norm to climb a Scottish mountain. She is not sure if she will return.

Edie (Sheila Hancock) has dutifully nursed her husband George for 30 years following a stroke. Now that George has passed on, she wants to fulfill a lifelong wish to climb Mount Suilven in the Scottish highlands.

Thus begins a passage of reflective looking back. Edie still keeps the old postcard that her father sent many years before, after he had climbed to the summit of Mount Suilven in the Scottish Highlands. The affectionate, pithy wording had urged her to climb the mountain herself sometime.

83-year old Edie – short for Edith – never did get that chance, although she has cherished the desire all her life.

Her marriage, though it yielded a daughter, was dutiful, functional, her husband denied her freedom and affection, nipped in the bud her desire to climb the mountain.

In her newly widowed state, the idea begins to ferment that now, with no one there to protest, she might climb this mountain and fulfill the dream or obsession.

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Directed by Simon Hunter

Starring: Kevin Guthrie, Sheila Hancock, Paul Brannigan



102 MINS


Classified: M